Baby Registry Mystery: CASE CLOSED

5:45 AM: Spin – COMPLETED

The key to getting yourself up and out the door at a decent time for the gym is packing the night before. Seriously, it saves you a butt load of time. If I didn’t pack the night before, I’d have to wake up at 4:30 in the AM and I guarantee you I’d forget a shoe or panties or my bra. I’ve done it before… one too many times.

Anyhow, streets were dark and quiet when I crept out the house this morning. I had a poop load of plans for the morning. First stop, the gym. Then, I went to see my mama who just came home from the Philippines late last night. Unfortunately, she didn’t come home till 11:30 last night, so yeah, this pregnant chick was in B-E-D.

Mom came bearing gifts — two summer dresses (I’ll post later on), jewelry, my party favors for the Baby Shower, SNACKS/FOOD, and the best gift, my wedding album.

Matching ring & bracelet.

Oh, and a necklace.

In the middle of getting gifts, this little hyper gal came at me…

Grandma got her two pairs of shoes — this is one pair she was giving a try. She loved her shoes so much that she refused to take them off.

She’s about to come in for a bear hug…

She was so hyper. I think she wasn’t used to so many people being at the house since my mom left for a few weeks.

My yummy snacks; dried mango, nuts, pastries, oh my.

These really melt in your mouth.

But, the BIG gift (besides mom coming home) was my wedding album that she had made. Sneak preview…

It’s leather bound… smells so good. It came out really nice, aside from my page that did not come out too good — well, the way that they have the pictures set up on that particular page, it looks too wide. But other than that, it’s beautiful.

Unfortunately, my mom couldn’t buy anything for the baby since we don’t want to know the sex. Eh, it’s okay though. Next year!

On another unrelated note, the baby registry mystery package was cracked – We can call it pregnant brain meltdown or errrr… stupidity. There was, in fact, a packing slip on the side of the box. WHOOPS!!!

And the mystery sender is Marian, Pedro’s best friend! She’s so sweet. Thank you, Marian. Your Thank You card will be out in the mail this weekend.

Anyhow, no big plans this weekend except working the part-time job and then getting the nursery together. So exciting!!! I have running and prenatal yoga with Courtney and then getting myself geared up for a very, very busy rest of the month of April and MAY!



One thought on “Baby Registry Mystery: CASE CLOSED

  1. The gifts from your mom are beautiful! Your wedding album (or what you showed us so far) looks amazing! I bet it is just perfect. Too bad she couldn’t get anything for the baby but I guess it would make it hard since you don’t know if you are having a boy or a girl. Like you said, next year. The snacks look really yummy too.

    Oh, Scarlett’s shoes are cute! She is getting so big….and so adorable!

    Glad you figured out the mystery sender of the Jumparoo. Pregnancy brain gets us all (and some of us get it even when we can’t blame pregnancy. I now blame sleep deprivation LOL).

    Have a wonderful day and enjoy your weekend of exercise, work and the nursery!!!

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