Women’s More Half Marathon: By the Numbers

8:00 AM: Women’s More Half Marathon – COMPETED

I did it. I finished the Women’s More Half Marathon. Here are some fun number facts:

32: Minutes it took to get to Central Park.

7494: # of women racing.

2655: bib #

3: Times I had to stop and pee during the race.

2: GU Vanilla Bean Gels I had to fuel.

28.5: Weeks and Days Pregnant

7: # months pregnant

6251: # I finished in out of 7494

13:12: min/mi pace I ran (including the 3x I stopped to pee).

13.21: miles I ran.

8:38: min/mi pace they had me for my corral. Yikes. It was from my best half marathon time.

Stay tuned for race recap — I’ll post first thing tomorrow. For now, here’s the race outfit I decided to wear.


I thought it suited me well and though I thought it would be cute to wear the same race outfit as last year, it wasn’t that flattering.


Also decided to use the new zip-up I picked up yesterday.


The tank was really the only part that worked for me. I should have listened to my gut instinct and used my capris. Lesson learned.

I’ll post race update tomorrow with LOTS of pictures. I haven’t done much of anything after the race. Just lounging and hanging. Not feeling like doing a thang.


3 thoughts on “Women’s More Half Marathon: By the Numbers

    • THANK YOU SO MUCH, DEEDRA! It was definitely mental and I felt like I was going to hit the wall with all these hills and my bladder issues, but it was incredible with the other women running and the wonderful spectators. I’ll be posting race pics up this morning along with the full recap.

      Again, thank you for always being so supportive of me. I appreciate it.

  1. Congrats! So proud of you!! You are just incredible! I hope Baby Sanchez enjoyed the ride too. 🙂

    Thanks for posting all the fun facts too. Your race outfit was perfect on you (even if you think you should have gone with the capris).

    I am just so impressed by you running this half while nearly 29 weeks pregnant! Just so fantastic!

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