Velocity 17

8:00 AM: Women’s More Half Marathon – PENDING

I’ve prepared this entry last night so that it would be posted this morning. I won’t have time to get to my blog entry until much, much later.

Yesterday afternoon, after my busy morning of spin, coaching and shopping, I had to go home and shower for my godson’s birthday party. The kids were dropped off on time, and I was running a wee bit late, but we made it work. We took the kids to Toys ‘R Us and then McDonald’s before heading over to the birthday party. It’s a pretty neat place.

Unfortunately, you had to be 57-in to ride the bigger go-karts, so for now, it was the mini-go-kart area. Initially Julian didn’t feel like getting on it. He said it was too slow. Sab, on the other hand, had no problem with going for a ride. I took a number of pictures, so here they are.




Followed by some air canons.






My poor husband was so exhausted after being attacked by all the kids. So the kids gave him a break and played in the Jungle Gym. Julian was super fast getting in and out of this maze.



Finally, laser tag.




The kids had a blast. Finally, it was time to EAT and RELAX. I was so exhausted at this point.



I got to catch up with the gals for a hot minute… not long at all, though. We’ll have dinner some time next week.

Rachel Squared.


and the famous Rachel Sandwich with a Hazel in the middle.


Sab came over after she ate her slice of ‘za. She was working on a mask that they gave her.



She’s saying “TaDa”.



You would think the kids would be tired after a fun-filled day, but then they headed over to the arcades.



It was a great night. Happy Birthday to my godson, Phoenix.


What a cutie!

After video games, we dropped the kids off home. Then we headed home. Hazel was kind enough to get my race packet. I love this half marathon. It costs $75, but the race swag is pretty nice.



I laid out all my clothes and packed my bag for the after race.



And I’m off to do the first Half Marathon of the 2011. I’ll update and recap race later. Wish me & Baby Sanchez luck. I just want to be able to finish.


4 thoughts on “Velocity 17

  1. All I can say is where do you find the energy??? You are super-woman! Looks like you all had a blast! That place looks like so much fun and so much to do. I bet the kids were in heaven. Your godson is a cutie!

    You still look awesome and you got some good pics with you and your friends!

    • Thanks, Allie. I was SO exhausted after the party. But I knew I had to come home and get my race things together so I wouldn’t be going crazy early the next morning. Thank goodness, otherwise, I would have forgotten something on race day. ;o/

  2. Thanks Rach for everything. It was great seeing you and the gang. Julian’s so big and Sabrina is blossoming to a beautiful young lady. And seeing Pedro with the kids was awesome. He’s already a great dad in my book.

    Cannot believe my Phoenix is 6 yrs old! sigh

    Dinner next week! We’ll catch up then.


    • Che – I just hope he will have the energy when it’s our turn to do things w/ the kids. HA. And yes, can you believe Sab is already 10? Crazy. The first party she went to for Phoenix was at the Little Gym. It was 2007 – so Sabrina was only 6. Crazy, right?

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