Busy Weekends

7:30 AM: Spinning – COMPLETED

9:30 AM: Coaching GOTR (Girls on The Run) – COMPLETED

Ahhh, Spring is here… well, for the weekend at the very least. It was in the 50s today and will reach into to the 60s at one point tomorrow. But, first things first, the start of my weekend.

I got out of work yesterday a few hours early. I think it was almost 3pm when I got out of the office and I made last minute plans to meet up with my girlfriend, Akua. I saw her two weeks ago, when we thought she was going to have her baby that weekend. It appears, Baby Jordan, is still cooking in the oven. She’s almost ready to make her grand appearance. We had a false alarm on Monday when she was having some contractions. We’re almost there. Anyway, I wanted to stop at the Old Navy by her place because I saw online that they had a maternity section, so I stopped over her house. She looks too cute with her all-belly bod. I also got to see the baby’s nursery. It got me so excited to start our nursery.


She’s ready to put baby Jordan into her crib. Oh, I was happy to see her furniture, too, because we both chose the Espresso color.


Her sister bought this for her before her baby shower. It’s the molding of her belly. She bought some frames to put her ultra sound pictures in and hang them below the molding of her belly. What a neat idea.


A collection of cards and little sentiments for Baby Jordan to see when she gets here.


After we chit chatted, we headed over to the shopping center. Unfortunately, there was no maternity section at the Old Navy. Boo. I would have gone to the Target, but didn’t feel like spending $100 just yet. We did stop at AC Moore to get Akua’s frames, and then I told her to pick out some yarn so I could make a baby blanket for Baby Jordan. I actually started it last night, right after I finished Courtney’s baby blanket for Baby Ava. Akua picked out the most perfect yarn — it’s so soft. I don’t think I’ve ever worked with this kind of yarn. It’s coming along.

Here’s Baby Ava’s blanket. Her theme was brown and pink (I think), but I couldn’t find the same pink texture like the brown I had.


I have similar colors for our baby, but that’s mainly because we’re not finding out the sex of the baby.

I’m still waiting for the, “AKUA’S IN LABOR” text. Anyway, after I parted ways with Akua, I felt a wee bit light headed. I came home, took a nap, and then Pedro and I did some talking. We ordered in, and then I finished crocheting. I think I finally slept around 12:45. I had a busy day so I needed to get some sleep.

I woke up at 6:25 and changed. I was heading out to meet Courtney for spin. I hadn’t been to spin since January, I think. Since I had work and then joining the running group, my Saturdays were booked. But with Girls on the Run back on track (no pun intended), running would have to be scheduled on Sundays.

Luckily, my GOTR shirt still fits — a little snug, but it’s still fitting okay.


GOTR was great. Courtney did an awesome job leading and the kids were so much fun. It’s so exciting to be back with the wonderful coaches and kids.

After GOTR, I headed over back to my brother’s gym. I wanted to look at their workout clothes because I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to wear for tomorrow’s race. Pedro said that last year’s race shirt kind of made me look more “chubs” than pregnant. So, I tried on a few tops. It worked out well because they’re all name brand workout clothes and my brother gets a 20% discount. Not too shabby.


I walked out with two tops and a zip-up. I’ve decided to wear the pink top.

Anyhow, I had to rush home and shower. Pedro’s niece and nephew were coming over so we could take them out to eat, shop and head over to my godson, Phoenix’s, birthday party. It was at this sports complex with laser tag, air canon game, go-karts, etc. I’ll update tomorrow. For now, I need to get some shut-eye. It’s been a long day and I have a race tomorrow.

Till tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Busy Weekends

  1. So glad you had fun meeting up with friends! Jordan’s nursery is so cute and you are so sweet to make baby blankets for everyone. They will definitely use them!

    Good call on the pink tank–I bet it looked awesome!

    Ok, going to check the rest of your entries. 🙂

    • Oh, I forgot to mention — My girlfriend went into the hospital last night. We think Baby Jordan is going to make her appearance (if she hasn’t already made it yet) any time. Since I’m not on FB, I’m not sure if she already had baby. I’m waiting for the text! I’ll keep you posted.

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