Fun Weekend for Runs & Friends

I’m getting this entry out pretty early on a Saturday morning, mainly because I’m going to be out for most of the day. I’m meeting Courtney at the park by 6:30 and we’re heading over to Long Valley. It’ll be my first marathon to watch and cheer on a friend. I’ve got my sharpies and Court’s picking up poster boards. The trail marathon (it’s actually a trail series with a marathon, 50k and 100k all weekend long) starts at 8am. My camera’s charged and I laid out all my clothes so that I wouldn’t be frantic this morning. I also packed a bag of goodies even though we’re making a few stops for breakfast bagels and coffee.

I’m going to rewind my weekend a bit, so bare with me. Yesterday, I got out of work at 1pm. It was perfect because it was 77-degrees. Crazy, right? We always have unpredictable weather between the months of March and April. At first, my girlfriend was going to leave earlier, but P was home and I wanted to surprise him with a sub for lunch before he headed back to the office. So we switched and next week she’ll leave a little earlier. Hopefully she was able to slide out by 2:30 because it was a beautiful day. My girlfriend, Akua, was power-walking the tracks (where we used to do our speed work a year ago) and was down the street when I called her, so we decided to meet up for some catching up at the Dunkin’ Donuts down the street. I was excited because the last time I saw her was on her baby shower, and she’s about to deliver so I wanted to see her before she gives birth!

We sat there for two plus hours chit chatting away. Oh, and I got to check out her new ride. My twin had the same car as me and she traded it in for a truck. I love it.

She stays classy…

Check out that belly. Seriously, she looks fabulous. I hope I’m as energetic as she is at 38-weeks.

Did I mention she’s a teacher by day, certified trainer by night/weekend? Yes, it’s true. She’s amazing! I mean, just look at those guns.

I had another great shot of us, but my finger was totally blocking the screen when I uploaded. We’ll have more pictures together, especially since our babies will be two months apart. Wish her luck and keep her in your prayers. Some time next week or the following, she’ll have a new addition to her already gorgeous family.

Since I know I won’t be home till later, and I have food shopping to do on top of cheering on the marathoners, I know I will be crazy tired when I get home. Tomorrow morning, we have to leave the house no later than 8 to get to my race that starts at 9:30, so I decided to lay out my race clothes yesterday night. I need to be prepared. I even charged my iPod and Garmin so I’m pretty much ready.

I made sure that I’m able to take GU Gels. My OB says it’s perfectly fine. Just some carbs. Hopefully my stomach will be able to handle it. Pre-pregnancy it worked well, but I haven’t tried it being pregnant. So we’ll find out tomorrow. Probably not good to try new things but we’ll see.

I’ve got my body glide, arnica flora, deodorant ready to go.

Game plan: Up by 6:30am, use bathroom, shower and eat breakfast. Head over to race site and pick up bib. Race, take pics, eat something. Get home, shower and then we’re having ice-cream with Pedro’s niece and nephew. So yes, a busy weekend indeed.

I’m off to cheer Emma on! I’ll let you know how she does with pics and all. Hopefully I’ll have time to post later on this evening — if I’m not too tired from the festivities. I need to hit the hay early if I want to have a good race.

2 thoughts on “Fun Weekend for Runs & Friends

  1. Wow–your friend looks awesome too! I think it is so great that you guys are staying so fit while pregnant! Great job to both of you!

    Glad you got to catch up with her before she has her baby–you will have to take some pics of the baby and post them so we can see her on the outside! LOL

    I’m happy you had such a great weekend!

    • Allie, it was too funny. I told her to make sure her water didn’t break while we were out together. It’s probably not cool for her to go into labor with another pregnant woman that can’t do much. HAHAHAA

      I will definitely take pics of her baby girl — I’m sure it’ll be within the next week or two!!! So exciting for these little miracles.

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