Last Saturday, I visited my mom before she took off to the Motherland for five long weeks. She bought a JUMBO bag of mixed fun-size chocolates, i.e m&m, reeses peanut butter cups, snickers, twix, kit-kats, nestle crunch and almond joy. My eyes lit up and I quickly a zip-lock bag to fill it up to the tippy top to take home. I get silly chocolate cravings. I mean, who doesn’t.

Unfortunately, that following Monday I was having my glucose test for Gestational Diabetes and the assistant at my doctor’s office told me to try and lay-low on sweets for the weekend. The only way I can control my sweets is by not having any. If I have one taste, it’s more than likely I’ll want more and more, especially when I know I can’t have it. It’s probably psychological because usually I can have just one and be satisfied, but knowing you can’t have it makes you want to pig out and have it all. So I was really good by not eating ONE the entire weekend, however, BIG mistake for leaving it out in the open. My husband and his friend chomped away all my goodies (insert sad and mad face). I wasn’t too mad though, in fact, I wasn’t mad at all. I knew there was a huge bag still at my dad’s house and we were going there for dinner on Wednesday.

The next morning, all the kit-kats were gone, and not by pregnant woman, but pregnant husband. I’ve been pretty good all week. I only had one reeses, twix and snickers. There’s still some chocolate to last me till next week’s dinner with dad. I love dinners at dad. He is an amazing cook.

Broiled steak, pork chop & white rice. Mangos for dessert and a piece of chocolate on top. Pedro’s dinner was steaks, two fried eggs and pork chops (looks like someone is going to have to double time on Milton).

After dinner, we watched the first half the Bulls v. Heat game. It was a great game with the Bulls kicking some serious butt.

I’ve got a busy day tomorrow. I’m watching a fellow running friend, Emma, in her first marathon. On top of it being a marathon, it’s a trail marathon. I have to wake up at 5:15 to get ready and then leave my house by 6 to meet Courtney. I’m excited. I better get my things together, and lay out my clothes so that I’m not rushing tomorrow morning. I probably should also get my running clothes ready for Sunday’s race. Oye, what a busy, busy weekend.

So far, it’s been a great start. Stay tuned for great weekend entries and pictures.


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