Running Solo v. Running Groups

9:00 AM: 7.25-Mile Run – COMPLETED

I woke up this morning on the early side. Well, maybe around 6:50 or so. Pretty early for a Saturday, even though I’m usually at work by 7am. I’ve been enjoying the last few Saturdays not working, but I sure to miss those paychecks. P and I actually had a mini-discussion about me not working on Saturday. He doesn’t want me to lose that job — I’ll be back to work in two weeks though.

So, I’ve been running alone for years now. I didn’t mind it at all. Most of the times it was with music or a good book on audio. I never ran with someone else because I thought maybe I would be too slow for that person and didn’t want her to feel obligated to slow down their pace because of me.

There was this one time for a few months that I ran with a girl from my gym. It worked out perfect too because we were pretty much the same pace. By November, she was heading back to get her PhD. and didn’t have time for running. I missed her dearly because she really got me through those long runs and we really had such great conversations.

I was back to running solo for the next 2.5 years. Then, I reunited with a girlfriend from high school that ran occasionally. She never called herself a runner because she didn’t really like running (even though she’s had a few half marathons under her belt and at good times at that). She was more into weight training. We did have some amazing speed workouts at the track, and then… she got pregnant.

And then… I joined GOTR where I met Courtney. We didn’t really speak much during the season, mainly because we were in different groups. I remember at the final party with our kids, one of the coaches announced that I was pregnant. Courtney already knew she was pregnant, but it was too early for her to make any announcements. In January, we got word through email that Courtney was pregnant and I was ecstatic for her. I knew during the 5k, (when we both already knew we were pregnant, but didn’t say anything) that she and her husband were going to start trying soon. We went back and forth emailing each other and finally met up for dinner. We even discussed the possibility of running together — and then she had emailed me to meet up that Sunday.

Today was the third run she invited me too. Not only did she invite me, but she convinced me to join the running group.

The group is really friendly and nice. They also break for food and drinks after everyone runs. There are some races that the group run together. My OB/GYN is the program director (by the way, she ran 350-miles last month). Joining fee is just $15/month. The only con is that they meet on Saturday mornings for their group run, which means I won’t be able to work on Saturdays. Hmm… it’ll be a difficult decision. I’m running with the group next Saturday and then Sunday, Courtney and I will be running together w/out the group. She has to meet for training with GOTR and I have work.

I’m leaning towards joining. The running community is amazing out here. So do you enjoy running alone or with a group?

I’m off to bake. I found this amazing recipe that I promise to share.


2 thoughts on “Running Solo v. Running Groups

  1. The running group sounds great! I know you are struggling with your Saturday job and that is a hard decision. I am glad you are enjoying running with others, though!

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