Won’t You Take Me To, China Town

7:00 AM: 3-Mile Run – COMPLETED

My Wednesday turned out to be fabulous. Well, aside from work being that slow busy day, I was excited to go into the city with the gals. We even got out of work 15-minutes early, so I had time to swing to the bank, get Pedro’s dinner together, packed our lunches for work the next day and had time to touch up before picking up my girlfriend, Phuong. I was 5-minutes early and we headed over to Jersey City to meet my other girlfriend, Rachel. It took us a good 25-minutes with traffic to get to China Town.

When we got into the city, I called our other friend, Hazel, who was meeting us for dinner. At first, we were going to try this new restaurant, but saw that it was pretty packed. So we headed over to one of our usual spots that Rachel and I used to go to back in our drunken days. It’s been a long time. I think that last time I stepped foot into this restaurant was over 7-8 years ago. I can’t even tell you the name of the restaurant, but we call it “69” because that’s the address.

Let me tell you a little bit about this place. It’s a very small place famous for its “dollar bill” walls (I’ll get to that later). The Chinese waiters like to flirt with us and speak to us in our language. It’s kind of cute. It’s a place where it closes around 5am, right before the last few drunk people from clubs/lounges in NYC come to binge eat (unless of course you’re non-Asian, then you would probably head over to the Taco stand or burger joint). It’s cheap, it’s yummy… but I probably wouldn’t use the bathroom even if I needed to go so bad.

We ordered family style. We ordered Beef Pan Fried Noodle, Scrambled Egg with Roast Pork and Green Peas and Hoisen Sauce over White Rice, a Tofu Dish and a Chicken Dish. We did pretty good.

I had a little bit of each, and seconds.

Oh, it was oh-so-delicious. My dad kept texting me throughout dinner asking me how the food was and asking me not to forget his order. The best part was the bill. Our dinner bill was $28 and my dad’s bill was $12. Sweet.

So, what’s the “dollar bill” walls, you ask?

All you need is your own dollar bill. The restaurant provides you w/ a sharpie and tape.

We tag our name and whatever we want on the dollar bill.

Sample of other people’s bills.

Now to find a place for it. Yes, it’s on every wall of the restaurant. Crazy, right? I’ve had a few dollar bills on this wall.

Right by the cash register? Where everyone will SEE it.

After dinner, we headed over to Mei Lah Wah. I had to pick up a dozen siopao for my dad. I also wanted one for myself too. Siapao (pronounced show-pow) is a baked (or steamed) bun with sweet pork. It’s delicious. $14.50 later and I swear, I looked like I bought China Town and wasn’t coming back for a few years. We headed back to the car and dropped off our goodies. Then headed straight over to Tearrific to get some tea.

Hazel ordered some peanut butter toast also. How amazing does this look? It’s tasty.

I ordered my usual, Taro Bubble Tea with Tapioca Balls.

We had to wait a few minutes for our drinks as this tea place was poppin’. Here’s Phuong and Rachel.

Hazel & I.

My tea was so delightful. I swear, I could have finished it with one long sip. I knew I should have gotten the “JUMBO”.

It was 9:30 and we needed to head home. I still had to drop off a ton of food to my dad who was so excited. I mean, I could tell from all the text messages he kept sending me. I was amazed that we got back home within 45-minutes. Not too bad.

I got home to my hungry husband. I toasted him up a bagel, and uploaded pics. Finally turned in close to midnight.

Girls night out was fun. I live for these moments. Can’t wait for the next one.


5 thoughts on “Won’t You Take Me To, China Town

  1. Such an awesome night with the girls! First, let me say you look beautiful!! Did Baby Sanchez enjoy the yummy food and bubble tea? Your dinner looked absolutely wonderful and I know how much you enjoy your bubble tea. The peanut butter toast looks great too. I would so enjoy having restaurants here that you have there.

    The dollar bill wall is such a neat idea! So unique…I enjoyed seeing the pics you posted showing the wall covered in them.

    So happy you enjoyed time with your friends (thanks for the pics of them too–it’s fun to see the faces of the people you talk about). I know your dad was excited for the food you brought to him and you are so sweet to do that. Of course, like I have told you before, your parents sound like amazing people. They must be to have raised such a thoughtful person like you!

    Happy Thursday!

    • I think next year, you Justin and Cayden need to come out to NYC/NJ. It’ll be so much fun. We can eat in China Town, Little Italy and sight see. We can go to Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty. Did you know I’ve never even been there?!?

      THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMPLIMENTS. I’m pretty sure Baby Sanchez was loving the food. I had seconds so I’m sure he/she was happy as can be. Fortunately, we walked a bit before getting bubble tea. That stuff definitely fills you up even more.

      You had to see, some people taped their dollar bills on the ceiling. It was too funny. If you come out here, we’ll def have to eat something just to have your name on their wall! ;o)

  2. OMG that food looks sooooooooo yummyliscious πŸ™‚ I just ate my lunch but its making me hungry again.
    You are absolutely glowing lovely lady. πŸ˜›
    The wall idea is awesome. I wish they had something like that here in Atlanta πŸ™‚

  3. Yes! We will definitely have to make a trip out there! That would be so much fun! It would be so awesome to finally meet in person too. And our babies will get to meet! It is funny that you have never been to see the Statue of Liberty even though you are right there. Isn’t that the way it always works?

    We will definitely have to go put our name on a dollar bill and put it up. That would be so fun! I’m excited already. πŸ™‚

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