Running With Friends

10:15 AM: 7.3-Mile Run – COMPLETED

On Friday afternoon, I made plans to run with my pregnant girlfriend, Courtney. We both met through Girls on the Run (GOTR) this past fall season. She’s four weeks behind me and a runner. I didn’t realize it either. I mean, a good bulk of the coaches are indeed runners. Courtney happened to be one of those runners that used to coach girls running half marathons and marathons in a New York running group. A few years ago, she qualified for the Boston Marathon and ran it the following year. Before she found out she was pregnant, she signed up for the Vermont Marathon this Memorial Day weekend, but deferred to 2012. When we went out to dinner, she said that she would happily coach me if I signed up for the race, so I am definitely in. I figured it would be a great way for both of us to lose the baby weight and run a marathon.

Anyhow, I got up at 7:30 this morning and got myself together. I changed into my running gear and had some breakfast. I also wrote Pedro a very detailed note telling him where I was running and leaving Courtney’s number. Courtney text messaged me telling me that her girlfriend, Emma, would be joining us. She’s training for a trail marathon on March 19th. How fun.

Right before I was heading out.

I got to the park at around 9:50. I hadn’t ran with anyone (long distance) in two and a half years. My last running partner, Shehnaz, was awesome. We were about the same pace and we did a lot of our long runs together. She was the first real running friend I had and running with her helped me run a 1:58 half marathon.

I’ve never ran with more than one person, so this was definitely something new. Courtney’s friend was running 10-miles before meeting us and she got to the park right in time. I saw Courtney pull in and met, Emma. She’s a really nice gal. I asked Courtney how she was doing with her bladder — I was pretty nervous about having to pee a lot, especially since it was still pretty cold. She said she has been pretty good so far and hasn’t had any problems. Both Emma and Courtney said that there’s a lot of woods, so if I have to pee, they’ll cover me.

I won’t lie to you, it was my first run this winter, so I was a little nervous. I told the girls if I was too slow to just go w/out me. I knew that Courtney was wearing her heart rate monitor and usually doesn’t like to exceed 180. It took us about an hour and 25 minutes. Not too bad for two pregnant chicks in the cold with rolling hills. I can’t complain and I feel good. Emma parted ways at mile 7 to finish up her last 3-miles. Courtney also mentioned that next week the running group meets at 9am sharp so I am more than welcomed to join. I really want to do this next week, so I’ll have to see if my friend can work for me. Guess who will be there? My OB/GYN. Maybe I could see if she could check the baby’s heart beat after. HA. Wishful thinking. I just have to wait two more weeks for that to happen.

Ahhh, my compression socks. They really made my calves feel a whole lot better. I took a little nap and we ordered dinner because I was pooped. Oh, I also gave Pedro his Valentine’s Day gift. He loved it. More on that tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Running With Friends

  1. You look so completely adorable! You are the perfect pregnant woman! So glad you enjoyed your run and felt good during and after. Your baby is going to be super-athletic! LOL

    I bet those compression socks work wonders, especially now that you are pregnant!

    • Aww, thanks. I was feeling entirely guilty for eating Wendy’s the night before — um, like I don’t mind doing it once in awhile, but i was stuffed and still stuffing myself even though I knew I was DONE! Then I went to bed with a tummy ache and then I feel bad thinking, “Oh, this cannot be good for baby!!”

      Okay Allie, let’s pray that the baby gets my “athletic” genes and not P’s, “video games + couch potato” genes.

  2. Don’t feel bad. A little fast food won’t hurt your sweet baby, especially since you rarely eat it. I am guilty of eating the occasional burger and fries too.

    I hope your baby gets your drive and motivation for fitness. I am hoping Cayden got my more active genes too…Justin does ok but given the choice, he would sit on the couch, play video games, and eat crappy food all day. LOL I want Cayden to enjoy healthy food and activities on his own and not because I make him. I hope the same for your baby! I guess we will just have to try extra hard to nurture those genes, huh?

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