Pain in the Abs

6:30 AM: Weight Training – COMPLETED

I woke up pretty early today to prepare some Chili in the slow cooker. I haven’t used my slow cooker in awhile, so it needed a good dusting off.

I’m having dinner tonight at a coffee shop with one of my girlfriends from Girls on the Run. She is a runner and 16-weeks pregnant. I can’t wait to catch up with her. In any event, since I know I won’t be home for dinner, I had to figure out what P would be eating for dinner. Yes, I can’t leave him without food… So, I kept going back and forth, thinking, “what will I have time to make in half an hour?” Finally, I figured, I’m just going to have to put something in the slow cooker. It worked out well because he actually wanted some chili.

It’s really a simple recipe. All I have to do after work is break out the rice cooker and make some rice.

Last night, I was having some major Round Ligament Pains. It happened around 2pm, but went away after a few minutes. After, it kept coming back, off and on. There was a point when I thought something was wrong. P kept reassuring me that all was well and baby was just growing so it was stretching of the muscles and ligaments. I know I’ve read it, but i was starting to worry a bit. So I did what the book said, elevated my legs and rested. I drank lots of water and slept on my left side. It was still there from time to time when I would wake up to pee. It finally subsided when I got up at 6am. I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about, as they say, some worry signs are symptoms that accompany the pain, which are fever, chills, bleeding or lightheadedness. I think I might call my OB just to feel 100% better. I’ll keep you updated on what she reports back to me. Again, I’m sure it’s nothing to be concerned about. I guess I’d feel better if I consistently felt baby moving.


2 thoughts on “Pain in the Abs

  1. I am going to make that chili! It sounds so yummy–thanks for taking and posting such a great photo of the recipe.

    I already posted on LS about the RLP–it is very painful but, since you aren’t experiencing anything else, the baby is fine. I know it is scary to feel that much pain, though. I called my OB every single time too. 🙂 Just keep drinking a ton of water and rest when you can. Don’t push yourself too hard, especially when you are hurting. My doctor had me drinking a gallon of water a day and it really helped.

    Take care of yourself!

    • Pedro actually likes this chili a lot. I love how when you come home at night, the house smells so good of food. I’m actually not making it with macaroni tonight, only because I won’t be home to put the shells in the pot. So I’ll make some white rice instead.

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