Brain Rules for (Mama) Baby

7:00 AM: 3-Mile Run – COMPLETED

Currently Reading: Brain Rules for Baby by John Medina

First things first, I ended up having an ice-day yesterday and hanging out at the house doing abso-freaking-lutely nothing. It was pleasant enjoying a lazy afternoon. By 4pm I remembered that I told P I would make steaks. Oops. I still had to defrost them. I considered just telling him to have leftovers, since he hasn’t had one leftover from the cooking feast I had on Sunday and Monday. Sheesh. This guy is spoiled.

For Christmas, I bought some Omaha steaks as gifts for my dad and my boss. We got a free one for ordering over a certain amount.

Can I just tell you, BEST Christmas gift ever. It was so cheap and delicious.

I put two back in the freezer, but I probably should have made three. They were on the “small” side, but I cut mine in half and gave P an extra half.

I also made baked potatoes (right in the microwave, thank you very much) and corn. It was filling, but not to the point of uncomfortably full. I hate that feeling.

After dinner, P cleaned up and I hung out on the couch to read my book that Allie sent me. I didn’t get too far, but so far so good. My friend posted videos of his 21-month old son doing some amazing things. He knows his alphabet and picks up letters of blocks to show us. He also knows who the President is, the Mayor of NYC, and other amazing things. After seeing the video, P and I were talking to the baby, giving him some history information. Then I read “Brain Rules for Baby” for a bit. Gotta start them early, right?

Okay, off to work and then dinner at the pub. It’s my girlfriend’s last day at her job, so P and I are going to make it a date night also.


2 thoughts on “Brain Rules for (Mama) Baby

  1. Glad you are enjoying the book so far…I am still working on reading mine as well. I have so many books going right now and I haven’t had time to finish any of them. 🙂

    Your friend’s 21-month old sounds so smart! That is just awesome. That’s what I want for Cayden and I’m sure you want the same for your little one. Cayden’s school teaches the kids sign language so they can communicate before they can really speak. It is amazing to see the 1 year olds say “finished” or “more” in sign language. They also learn the colors and the signs for things like “baby” “sleep” etc. I got a guide that shows the signs so we can practice and use the signs at home with Cayden as he gets bigger. There is also a Kindermusick program I want to start going to with him in the summer. It is a class in the evenings every Tuesday and you go and learn songs, learn more sign language, do crafts, developmental tasks, etc. with your child. I’m really looking forward to it.

    Your steaks look great–we have ordered those before and really liked them. Such great gifts…we may do that this year…already thinking of Christmas gifts and it is only February. LOL

    Have a wonderful day today!

    • I couldn’t stop watching the video of his little boy. Even Pedro was like, “WOW. His brain is developed way fast!” We’re hoping (jokingly) that baby has Pedro’s brains and my looks. HAHAHAHAH Oh that is so neat that they are teaching Cayden sign. I think that’s awesome. I was laughing at the first chapter of the book, when the husband and wife asked the author if it’s necessary for her husband to be tapping her belly to send signals. It was funny. ;o) Pedro can’t wait for me to finish the book. I might buy it for him so we can read it simultaneously – like a book club. ;o) Or maybe I will just upload it on my iPad so he can read the book and I can just read it directly on the pad. Yeah, maybe I’ll do that…

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