Ahead of the Game

7:00 AM: 35-Minute Run – COMPLETED

Have I mentioned how much I love my OB/GYN? She’s AHHH-mazing. Anyhow, I got to my appt. 10-minutes early. Sheila, the Assistant, took down my weight, B/P and reviewed my u/s from yesterday. It appears that my due date has changed once again. My EDD according to my LMP is June 24th. My first u/s showed that I was due later, and on June 30th. The following week, I had another u/s and was told in early January that I was due on June 27th. My husband’s 35th birthday. Anyhow, when Sheila looked at the report, baby’s measurements showed that I was due on June 21st, which makes me 20-weeks today. Wow. I’m really halfway there. Just 20-weeks to go.

My B/P was good and so far I’ve gained a total of 3 lbs. The assistant nor my doctor seemed too concerned. The baby is growing just fine and my belly is looking like it’s getting bigger. I should be gaining a pound a week from this point on, so a total of 23 lbs. perhaps? We’ll see what happens. Like I said, I’m not going to stress over it. We also listened to the baby’s heartbeat and it’s at 150 bpm. It was fast and strong. I love hearing the baby’s heartbeat.

Anyhow, I had a list of questions I wanted to ask her but instead we talked about the upcoming races I had planned the next two months. She was scheduled to run the half marathon that I’m running in April, but her running team has another race that day. She’s also running Boston Marathon this year. I am pretty sure it’s her second or third Boston Marathon.

Moving along, I received a surprise package from my husband yesterday.

Remember when my husband bought me my Snoogle a few weeks ago? I don’t think I told you guys but it is incredible. I have the best sleep ever. I am in love with it. Well, I was telling my husband how naked it looked. So he got me these.

I’m so glad he listens to me. He picked out brown and sage. Hey, those are the colors that we’re picking out for our nursery.

I won’t lie. It was tough putting the snoogle case on. I made that up myself.

No, I’m not going for a swim. It’s comfy sitting with my snoogle.

And after my run, a 20-week photo.

It’s a Hump Day. We have a delayed opening since the streets look like an ice-skating rink. I can’t wait till this day is over. Happy Wednesday.


4 thoughts on “Ahead of the Game

  1. The snoogle covers are perfect! Pedro really does listen to you–how sweet! I told you already but I am so glad your appointment went well. Your baby is growing and doing great!

    You still look amazing–a perfect little baby belly. You can tell you haven’t gained weight anywhere else–it’s all in the belly (all 3 lbs of it LOL). You will probably start to see more of a gain now that you are 20 weeks–the baby really starts adding weight so you will too. I bet you will end up in the 20 lbs or so range and that will come off super-easy once you have your little one.

    • I have to say, since this pregnancy, Pedro’s been very thoughtful and good. I’m glad he’s been putting up with me and my mood swings from time to time. HA.

      I have a feeling from this point on my belly will just expand more and more. It’s weird. A lot of people think it’s going to be a boy. But my one girlfriend was asking me what side the heartbeat was on and what it was and when I told her she said it was definitely a girl. I don’t know, I have a weird feeling it’s a boy — but I’ll be happy with either one. It’s more exciting just waiting. There was a moment when I wanted to just say, “OKAY, I CAN’T TAKE IT!!! TELL ME WHAT I’M HAVING!!!”

  2. 🙂 I am impressed by your willpower in not finding out…it is so tempting since you know you can find out now. It will be so fun being surprised, though.

    As far as which side the heartbeat is on–total wives’ tale. Cayden’s heartbeat would switch from side to side and up and down depending on his position. LOL

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