Ring My Bell

7:20 AM: Kettlebell by Women’s Health – COMPLETED

I rang by bell with three circuits of Women’s Health Kettlebell. I eliminate the “Half Get-Up” since I don’t feel too comfortable doing workouts on my back. All-in-all a good, sweaty workout. DH bought two boxes of these bad boys, I could kill him.

They were so good, I’d like to say ‘baby’ was making me eat them non-stop. Not that I should care, but 4 of those cookies are only 160 calories.

Now only if I could take my prenatal vitamins as easy as popping one of these cookies into my mouth, life would be good.

I’m on a mission; to take my prenatal vitamins daily. Hold me accountable, please… As long as I take one vitamin a day, I’ll allow myself one cookie a day as a reward. (yeah, right, those cookies will be long gone by the weekend).

Ahh, and it’s Friday!! Massages tomorrow, Thai food, and hopefully just sitting back and relaxing.

Oh, on a sidenote, my SIL is having either surgery or a lap done this morning for her gallbladder. P and I will be visiting her after work. I am sure all will be well.


4 thoughts on “Ring My Bell

  1. Thin Mints are so good! We have two boxes in the freezer but I can’t eat them because they have milk in them. 😦 I am hoping Justin forgot about them since he is still trying to lose weight. Of course, that seems to be a never-ending process for him.

    I say feed the baby as many cookies as baby wants. Ok, maybe not. LOL Please remember those vitamins and I will stay on you about that so you don’t forget. 🙂

    Good luck to your SIL this morning–I hope all goes well. Lots of thoughts and prayers to her.

    • Allie, I took my pill. A cookie awaits for me when I get home. ;o) Oh, I know the never-ending process with the husband. Last night, Pedro found the stash of chocolate chips. At least he didn’t eat too much of it. Of course he had them with some salt & vinegar chips. LOL

      I was thinking of freezing a box, but yeah, those cookies won’t live to see next week. LOL

  2. Good for you! I like your reward system…I bet the baby does too!

    Chocolate chips and salt and vinegar chips. Interesting combo. 🙂 I have to hid the “bad food” from Justin too but sometimes he finds it. I try to keep it out of the house but he goes food shopping a lot and I have no control over the treats he buys. Sometimes he is good and sometimes he is not. Last week, he came home eating a Snickers. What are we going to do with these guys??? LOL

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