Another Week & a Pound Up

6:30 AM: Weight Training – COMPLETED

Yesterday, I completed 3-miles instead of 6. I never really researched which training plan I’d do for my half marathon in April and am modifying an easy peasy plan. I don’t intend to PR or run fast, but just run for fun, maybe get a medal and call it a day. My two races are in 9-weeks and 11-weeks respectively. I discussed the races with my husband and also told him those will be the last of my “bigger” races until the baby comes. I may run a few 5-ks, but one will be with a beginner runner friend and another with Girls on the Run (though I may pass on this as I’ll be hovering in my last final weeks of pregnancy).

In any event, today marks 17-weeks of my pregnancy. I’m close to the halfway point. So, what’s going on in Week #17? If you don’t know, this was taken from ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’, by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel.

“Week 17 Take a look at your hand. Your baby is about palm-size now, with a crown-to-rump length of 5 inches and an approximate weight of 5 (or more) ounces. Body fat is beginning to form (baby’s fat, that is, though yours is probably forming pretty quickly these days, too), but your little one is still quite skinny, with skin that is practically translucent. This week, your baby is all about practice, practice, practice in preparation for birth. One important skill your baby is sharpening now; sucking and swallowing – to get ready for that first (and second… and third) suckle at breast or bottle. Your baby’s heart is regulated by the brain (no more spontaneous beats) and clocks in at 140 to 150 beats per minute (roughly twice your own heart rate).”

It’s the last week before I hit the 5-month mark. How amazing is that? On the brighter side, I haven’t had to buy maternity clothes, so that’s good. I’ve been enjoying my pregnancy books.

And preparing this coming week’s running plans, thanks again to Allie.

Now before I go observe MLK (by going to work, that is), here’s a sneak peek of my 17-week belly shot.

What a difference a week makes. Though, I have to say, this picture makes my belly look bigger than what it really should look like. Perhaps it has something to do with a camera adding 10 lbs.? I don’t think so.

My weight’s finally moving upwards. I wasn’t too concerned with having to gain 10-lbs. in 3-4 weeks. I think I’ll be close to that by my next doctor’s visit. At least my appetite is coming back.

Now, must get my breakfast/lunch ready for work.


6 thoughts on “Another Week & a Pound Up

  1. Your dinners look so good and you look adorable! Sorry for the short comment. I am typing one-handed while holding my sick baby in the other.

  2. Cute baby belly! I’m curious what that running in pregnancy book says. I remember my doctor saying not to get my HR above 140 or so. that was next to impossible. lol. So just wondering if that book says anything about effort or heartrate?

    • Hey Jenn, I replied to your comment but not under your comment so not sure if you received a notification. See below about the book.

  3. Jenn, funny story. When I first met my new OBGYN (prior to getting pregnant), I asked her about running and HR. She told me it was never “medically proven” that your HR needs to be at a certain rate. She said that there was NO way you’d be able to keep your HR at 140 either. Anyway, when I read that book, it said the same thing. Basically it said that it was never medically proven and that if your current OBGYN tell you differently than you should “consider” finding yourself a new doctor. So it looks like I found the perfect fit for me.

    I hope that helps. It’s been such a great book thus far. I’m enjoying it and reading it to whichever month I’m in. I started reading the 5th month.

  4. Hey you! I love your little teeny tiny baby bump! Good stuff. I love your blog! I so need to start one maybe next year and leave LS alone! We’ll see I seem to still need the accountablity of posting my food!

    • Mac, you need to start a bog stat!!!!! Why wait till next year? You could have a Recipe Section, Clients section, Personal section.. It would be so cool. DO IT! ;o)

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