Taking my Time

6:30 AM: Weight Training – COMPLETED

What a late entry today. First things first, I had a yummy lunch yesterday that I must share. The Chinese restaurant downstairs from my job has some pretty amazing food. I ordered their chicken lettuce cups and took some of my boss’ brown rice.

It was delicious and filled me up.

P and I had no major plans last night, so I continued to crochet and we ordered food in. I fell asleep during the Nets v. Lakers game. They were on west coast time, so yeah, it was late for me.

My alarm went off around 6:15 and I quickly got up to get ready for a workout. I did my Body By Glam workout which took me roughly half an hour. I was running a tad bit late so tried to hurry my morning process up. Luckily, I made to work just in time. The office was a bit empty today since my boss was out of town. We had a covering doctor, so I knew it was going to be less crazy. Usually, time flies faster for me when she’s there, but today, it actually went quick.

Our “active” files — we have a basement filled of “inactive” files. I call it the dungeon.

My desk before the storm, a/k/a before a swarm of patients come out.

I was out of work by 1:30 and headed over to the Bagel Spot to pick up P some lunch. I got myself something to eat also. We ate, he cleaned up, I crocheted some more and then took a nap for a good hour. I was pooped. When I did wake up, I finished the second baby blanket. I feel accomplished. Post will be coming soon.

Now, time to watch the Nets v. Blazers game. Let’s see if I can stay up.


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