A Surprise Package

Last night, Pedro and I rolled into the driveway at the same time. It was nice because he got to help me bring the groceries up. It wasn’t much but still, one of the things I dislike in life is lugging groceries to the house. I’m the “fittest laziest” person that is out there. As we open the front door, midway on the stairs, I find this…

At first I thought it was for P since he said he ordered something, but lo and behold, it was addressed to ME. I love, love, LOVE getting surprise packages. I quickly put away the groceries and opened that baby up.


THANKS, ALISON!!! I love, love, LOVE my SURPRISE package. You are so thoughtful and have been nothing but helpful in my pregnancy so far. In case you girls didn’t know, Alison just had a beautiful baby boy, Cayden. He has three big brothers, Kiba, Koga and Cheza (yes, they’re her cute pups). I hope to one day visit you in person so our babies can be friends. Even though Cayden will be a Dallas Cowboys fan and Baby X will either be a Jets fan or Jets cheerleader, though P had a “conversation” with my belly telling him/her that no matter what he/she will be a Jets fan. HA! Anyway, I can’t wait to dig into these books. Oh, I read the inside flap to Brain Rules and Pedro is going to read it first. So it came in handy for both of us. Thank you again. Pedro says you rock.

I need to catch up on last week’s run. I love the smell of new books. If you’re a runner, how do you log your runs in? Internet, log-in book?

My run this morning was easy peasy. I listened to A Tribe Called Quest and some Tori Amos. I’m a bit eclectic when it comes to music.

The treadmill and I are best friends.

Midway run, I get a bit hot. I would never do this in the gym, by the way. I don’t have the guts (literally and figuratively) to take it off and bare abs of flabs.

I have no clue what my arm is doing here.

Crossing the finish line… 3-pregnancy miles – done & done. Time to jot in down in my Runner’s Diary.


5 thoughts on “A Surprise Package

  1. I am so happy you enjoyed your surprise package! I saw the runner’s log book when I was in B&N the other day but the copies they had were a bit battered. When I got online, I was reading about helpful books in raising babies and saw the Brain Rules for Baby. I have it for my Kindle and so far, it has been great. I thought, Rachel would enjoy that too! So, I had to get the two books for you. I’m happy that Pedro will be able to enjoy the Brain Rules book too.

    Great job on getting your run in (and you DO NOT have any flab on your abs at all–you look awesome and that’s even with you being 16 weeks pregnant!). Shockingly, I am actually starting to run here and there. I started when I was on maternity leave and was jogging with Cayden in his stroller. I discovered I don’t hate running the way I did when I was younger. Now, I’ll probably never run a full marathon or anything but I am incorporating running into my fitness, especially since it is something I can do with Cayden (well, when it isn’t -2 degrees outside anyway). You have inspired me!

    I truly hope we can manage to meet one of these days. Justin and I keep talking about making a trip to the NYC/Washington D.C. area and when we do, we will have to come your way as well so we can meet in person and have our little ones play together. That would be amazing!

    Have a wonderful day and so glad you liked your surprise!

  2. I miss Barnes & Nobles, but it’s such a dangerous place for me to go too, especially if P and I go together. Forget about it. We end up spending over $100 usually. P still has a bunch of books that he has to read. I think when he’s done with the book he’s reading now (maybe 20-30 more pages), he’s going to start Brain Rules. I’m finishing up the other book you gave me and What to Expect When you’re Expecting. Love both of them.

    Did you get a running a stroller? P and I are looking into a nice one. Maybe a BOB? I’ll have to see. OMG, I’m excited that you started running. If we meet up in NYC or DC (which, if you plan a trip to DC let me know as soon as possible. P and I love DC. We try to go every year) we could take a morning jog together. How fun would that be???

  3. Yep, Barnes and Noble is dangerous. LOL I now have a Kindle and let me tell you, it is way too easy to buy was too many ebooks too. 🙂 So glad you are enjoying your books.

    My mom got us our stroller as a gift and it is not a jogging stroller. However, it has good shocks and works well when I am sidewalks so I just jog/run with the stroller in the our neighborhood park where the sidewalk is nice and smooth. I have been looking at the BOB strollers for exactly the purpose of running with it when the weather gets warmer. Everyone I have talked to that has a BOB has been thrilled with it.

    We will definitely let you know when we get our DC trip planned. Justin was supposed to have a work trip there in April but it was cancelled so we are back to working on planning our personal trip. IT would be so much fun to get together and go for a jog. I’m sure my pace will be much, much slower than yours but it would still be fun. Oh I am excited! We will have to make this work one of these days!

    • Thanks, Dorothy. I am definitely in the in between stages of looking like I just gained some weight and it actually being a baby belly. Looks more like bloat if anything.

      I am definitely going to email you! You are amazing by the way. With three kids under the age of 3-4? I forget. I’m amazed by your running.

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