So Long Peyton

Saturday was quite a busy day for me. Between work, baking cookies, stopping by Morristown and then to Denville to drop something off to friends, we almost forgot that the JETS were scheduled to play. We ended up staying in Denville to watch the game.

So, who’s in Denville? Well, this pretty gal, for one.

I was famished, so I was certainly glad that there was food.

Grilled chicken with 21-seasoning from Trader Joe’s. (I am pretty sure it’s 21-seasoning, if I recall).

Whole Wheat Pasta (Shhhh… don’t tell P. I doubt he even knew).

Eating at the dining room table? Not during the playoffs…

Delicious. I’m pretty sure I licked off my plate.

We’re ready to watch the Jets take the win!!!! Pedro was very happy about the W. Perhaps if the Jets win the Superbowl, and we end up with a baby boy, we’ll name him Mark. Mark Sanchez. It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?


5 thoughts on “So Long Peyton

  1. Too funny…I can just see P wanting to name your baby Mark if it is a boy. LOL I knew you guys would be happy with the Jets win. We were happy because the Colts lost. Not a Colts fan, can you tell? There are a few teams I just don’t like…the Patriots and the Colts are up there. 🙂

    By the way, it looks like you are wearing some of your new clothes in these photos–you look beautiful! The jeggings are super-cute.

    • Ooh, the Patriots I can’t stand… Especially Tom Brady. He needs a haircut. Oh man, they play Jets this week and I am nervous. They killed the Jets last time. So, if the Colts won, who would you root for? Colts or Pats?

      Yes, I love my new clothes… Some are starting to show the bump. It was inevitable though. HA.

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