For Love & Good Health

5:00 AM: Kickboxing – COMPLETED

Starting the day dark and early. Yeah, it’s not so bright at 5 AM. Believe me, it’s enticing seeing my husband sleep while I get up for another work day. He’s also just getting to bed. He’s such a night person. Hey, at least when the baby’s born he can take care of the hours between 12-4. Ha.

Last night’s pizza night was a hit. Well, P had leftovers sloppy joe. I wanted to make the pizza.

My whole wheat dough that I was getting ready to roll down with a rolling pin.

Look at how creative I am. I rolled it into a heart. I was amazed by my skills, I had to run it over to P to show him. He says, “Is it a heart for love or for good health?” I think it’s for both.

I diced up some chorizo because hey, what doesn’t chorizo taste good with?

Fresh out of the oven… YUM.

A few slices with an apple on the side.

Anyhow, must get to work. Let’s hope it goes fast so that I can start my weekend.


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