Don’t plan on leaving my mark…

It snowed pretty hard this morning and tapered off in the
afternoon. It wasn’t really even sticking to the ground which is
fine by me. I did assume that we were going to have a dismissal at
around 1-2, but it as closer to 4pm. I’ll take it. The drive home
wasn’t too bad, though it was pretty slushy. I was feeling a little
tired and itchy on my belly. So I proceeded to put some more Belly
Balm. On Christmas, my girlfriend gave me such a thoughtful gift
basket filled with goodies. One of the goodies she gave me were
Burt’s Bees products.

Burt’s Bees Foot
and Leg Creme, Belly Balm & Oil. What pregnant woman
wouldn’t love these gifts?!?

This Belly Balm
is amazing so far. Even after 8-hours I could still feel my belly
feeling smooth. I’m not “popping” just yet (unless you call “bloat”
as popping), but I’m starting this early because I don’t want to
wake up one day with a stretch mark forming. I’m getting on it.

Thanks, Phuong.

Anyhow, tonight’s Homemade Pizza night. I think we’ll do this every
Friday. I got the whole wheat dough at Trader Joe’s. Let me get to
cooking. Also, need to call it an early night. I’ve got a long day
ahead of me tomorrow and they include kickboxing, work, family and
stopping at a friends. Sunday will need to be a more relaxing day
for me.


2 thoughts on “Don’t plan on leaving my mark…

  1. Burt’s Bees is great stuff. I also used the Palmer’s lotion for stretch marks and guess what? I didn’t get a single stretch mark. Not one. I totally recommend using the Burt’s Bees in conjunction with Palmer’s the rest of your pregnancy–it worked for me! Also, I used the Palmer’s firming lotion for the first 10 weeks after I had Cayden and I really think it helped my skin look firmer faster.

    • Oh, thanks for the advice. I was going to write down for suggestions and totally forgot. Palmer’s firming lotion? I’ve NEVER heard of it. Okay, I’m looking into this one. THANKS!!!

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