Christmas All Over Again

7:00 AM: 3-Mile Run – COMPLETED

7:30 AM: Weight Training – COMPLETED

I headed straight over to the in-laws for a special birthday dinner. My husband’s niece turned 10 on December 27th. 10… that’s a good age. I turned 10 in 1990. Let’s see, that was a good year for me. I had the best fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Rosser. It was the first year I experienced changing teachers for History. I had a cute bob haircut. Computer class used floppy discs on the Macintosh (we also had to “share” computers because there weren’t enough for each student). Boy, 20 years later and times have really changed.

In any event, dinner was great. MIL made her famous Homemade Spaghetti and Meatballs. For dessert, a Homemade Chocolate Cake.

Mmmm…. Not too rich. I had just a sliver. Believe it or not, sweets have not been my thing so far.

Singing Happy Birthday. I try not to sing too loud. P says I am a terrible singer. He thinks I’m off tune when I’m trying to sing the harmony.

Here’s her attempt to blow out her birthday cake.

Uh, this was her 10th time… trick candles.

Birthday girl cuts the cake. And then it was time for presents…

Aww, Julian helping her open up the gifts.

Rock painting…

Beautiful diamond earrings.

A Washington Jersey… (from Tio and I).

A Wii singing game.

Julian being silly…

And of course, we can’t let Julian leave empty-handed. He gets gifts, too. One from the grandparents and one from us.

Another JERSEY. Farve when he was on the Jets. And we gave him legos.

I was exhausted by the end of the yesterday’s festivities. P showed up by 7:15, so I hung around another hour while the rest of the family left. Now, just a few more days of the work week and the Jets take on the Colts this Saturday night. It’s a big deal. P’s a huge Jets fan… I leave you with this. (Our Christmas gift to Julian this year).



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