Family in the Making

My husband and I are expecting a little baby this coming June. I think it’s funny how some people ask if it was a “mistake” or if this was something we planned. Why would anyone ask if it was a “mistake”? Yeah, I’ve heard a handful of comments from people that make me do the eye roll.

My husband and I did “plan” this pregnancy. We thought it would be the perfect time. His mom was back on the road to recovery (Thank God for his miracles) and I know I want at least 2-3 and I turned 30 in June. So August came and I got off the pill. I made an appointment with my OBGYN and we discussed what my next steps would be. She gave me prenatal vitamins and before leaving I asked her about my running.

I was disappointed in her answer when I asked about continuing to run while I was pregnant. Her response was, “Oh no! You should stop running now. Stop any training.” I argued that I knew plenty of people that ran throughout their pregnancy, but she strongly advised on not running at all. I came home upset and venting to my husband. I’ve done much research on running while pregnant and couldn’t fathom having to stop completely for 9-months (if of course I was healthy enough and not a high risk pregnancy). So, I did further research in finding myself a new OBGYN. I knew this was going to be a difficult decision when my present OB was my doctor for 11+ years. She’s also my mother’s OB for many, many years. I emailed a few of my running friends to ask them who their doctors were and if she (because let’s be honest here, I don’t think I could have a male OBGYN) was into fitness/health/running. My girlfriend, Cris, recommended her doctor and told me that she’s a serious runner. So, I looked her up, saw that she took my insurance and called immediately to set up a consult with her.

I was very excited to meet her, especially when she walked into the room with her running shoes on. She was ecstatic to hear that I was a runner too. In fact, she ran the Boston Marathon 6-months pregnant. Amazing. So, I was off the pill in August and got my last cycle in September. My doctor told me to start getting it on (not in those exact words of course) every other day, AND to CONTINUE running. It was exactly what I needed to hear. I asked her about having to keep my heart rate under 140 and she told me that there was never anything proven about keeping your heart rate at a certain number so just run on how I feel. If I feel tired one day, then don’t run. If I’m feeling good, continue.

October came and I felt like I was getting my friend. I had all the signs: cramping, moodiness, backaches, sore breasts. Who knew that these were also symptoms of being pregnant? I’m also very irregular, so a day late is nothing out of the ordinary. I did, however, notice that my sense of smell was incredible… So, I stopped at the pharmacy and bought a test. I was at work when I decided to pee on the stick. All I could remember is, “PLEASE BE POSITIVE! PLEASE BE POSITIVE!!!!”

My heart was pounding and I had to take the test to my co-worker for confirmation. I then took a picture of the test and sent it to my husband telling him to call me immediately. After no phone call, I called him and he answered. He hadn’t looked at his message so I told him I WAS PREGNANT! He couldn’t believe it. He was laughing on the other end. I mean, I couldn’t believe it either. The next step was setting up appointments with my doctor but she didn’t want to see me until I was 6-weeks, and even then it would only be for blood work for further confirmation. Oh, the wait…

Here I am 5-weeks pregnant. Doesn’t look like much, but that’s because baby is only the size of an itty bitty pea (maybe even smaller than that).

I’m looking forward to this pregnancy and keeping up with my workouts. I’ve heard the delivery process will be much easier if you continue working out (again, just as long as you’re not a high risk pregnancy).

I wont lie to you… After almost 15-weeks, I’m still puking from time to time and my nausea hasn’t fully subsided. I’m sure in due time. But for now, I don’t mind. It gives me relief that baby is just fine. And although I lost 2-3 lbs. and am still below my pre-pregnancy weight, I am certain that soon enough I will be putting on the pounds.

And here I am 8-weeks pregnant.

11-Weeks pregnant.

I have to upload the most recent pictures. I’m not really “showing” with a baby belly, but I’ve been more bloated again like I was at 4-5 weeks.

Off to my running group. Planning on a much shorter run today. Then, putting away the groceries, cooking for the week and finishing up the laundry. I go back to my 6-day work weeks starting this week. I won’t complain though. More money to put away for the baby.


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