Mrs. WHO?

“With this ring I thee wed, with my body I thee worship, and with all my worldly goods I thee endow”. – Book of Common Prayer

We did it! We got HITCHED. On May 21st, I married my best friend. It was an intimate ceremony in City Hall. It was exactly as I pictured it. Yes, I’m not the typical bride. I hate when the “attention” is focused on ME, so why not something small and intimate. The important people in the equation are him and I. Right? Don’t get it twisted, I still got my hair did and make-up on.

And the final product… Thanks to my BF who came to my mom’s house early to get me all beautified. Unfortunately, the Asian pin-straight hair did not work well with the humidity, nonetheless, everything came out perfect. Yes, it was HOT and HUMID, but we were lucky that it didn’t down pour.

In any event, after the wedding, we took our families out to eat. It was wonderful. And more importantly, we were leaving for Hawaii early the next morning… Ahh, paradise.

So yes, it was pretty amazing. The fact that it was already 80-degrees by 5:00AM, I mean, it’s paradise. I had to make sure if I was going to go out for a run, it was way before 7. Otherwise, it was too hot for me to go out there. I did see some runners after 7, but they must be locals. I’m just NOT used to it. Not to mention, hellllllo HILLS!

We relaxed a lot of the times, but we also did some touristy things. We went 10,000+ feet into Haleakala Crater, took a helicopter tour of the islands, saw a Hula show, ATE out a lot, and SHOPPED like you wouldn’t believe. Yes, we ended up having to pay an extra $100, not including the $50 for checking in bags on our return flight home.

It’s crazy that we’ve been back from Hawaii almost a month now. Back to reality. Back to working 6-day work weeks. I’ve also officially started marathon training for Chicago. Oh, and I just turned the big THREE-O. It was nothing exciting. I did run a 10k in the humidity. No PR’s, but hey, first race as a MARRIED woman.

I’ll try to make it a point to be posting more often. Things were just crazy with the wedding and honeymoon. Perhaps having the new iPad will motivate me to post more.



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